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A day at our spa – indulge in the delights of our undivided attention and ultimate indulgence. We are known for our expert therapists. It’s the attention to detail and touches of luxe that make all the difference. Make a day of it, hit reset and take some time out for yourself

Everyone deserves to be pampered in a modern serene atmosphere. In our stylish, clean and relaxing setting, you are treated to the highest quality services and products you can trust. Nails Event is one of best places in the city of Winthrop, ME 04364 to receive nail art designs, nail care and more at value prices!
Relaxing, pampering, or just for the fun of it — Nails Event | Nail Salon 04364 has day spa packages for every taste and desire. WE BELIEVE THAT QUALITY DOES NOT NEED TO BE EXPENSIVE, JUST EXPECTED!

Nails Services

Nails Services

Full Set $50
Full Set Pink & White $60
Full Set Ombre $60
Full Set White Tip $50
Full Set Tip Color $55
Fill Corlor $40
Fill Omber $50
Fill Pink & White $50
Dip $40
Dip + Tip $50
Dip French $50
Pedicure Basic $35
Pedicure Deluxe $45
Pedicure Basic + Gel $50
Pedicure Deluxe + Gel $60
Manicure $20
Manicure + Gel $30
Gel Hands $25
Gel Feet $28
2 Broke Nails $5
French $10
Toes Nails Cut $15
Hands Nails Cut $10

Gel nail designs are all the rage nowadays in the world of manicure alternatives. Having gel nails means that you can sport various designs that last for weeks, unlike typical nail polish that easily chips off in a day or two. Gel nails are made of a type of gel substance that hardens under UV light, providing users with a durable and long-lasting manicure. They are perfect for those who prefer low maintenance manicures and want their nails to be presentable but doesn't have time to apply nail polish every few days.


Gel nail designs come in a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns that are both fun and trendy. There are countless options available, ranging from simple and sophisticated to complex and daring. You can choose to have a single solid colour, a plain French tip, glitter gel nails or opt for an elaborate nail art design such as marble, floral, or animal print. The possibilities are endless, and only your imagination can limit you.

Pink nail is a popular trend in the beauty industry, loved by many for its versatility and femininity. The soft, delicate hue of this color can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. From everyday wear to special events, pink nail can add a touch of elegance and glamour to any outfit. There are various shades of pink available including pastel, baby pink or hot pink, which suits different skin tones perfectly. Pink nails have become a staple in every woman's beauty routine due to its effortless chic appearance that stands out without being overbearing. Whether it's a simple manicure, French tips or glitter accents added, there is no denying that pink nails go a long way in making you feel pretty inside and out!


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